iPhone Repair – on a Rise or Fall

iPhone 6S Plus Teardown
iPhone Models Teardown
AKT Cluster PECVD System for TFT-LCD Manufacturing
Major Milestones in TFT‐LCD Manufacturing Technology
iPhone 6S Plus Teardown
iPhone Models Teardown
AKT Cluster PECVD System for TFT-LCD Manufacturing
Major Milestones in TFT‐LCD Manufacturing Technology

IBISWORLD reported in its May, 2023 USA cell phone repair trends research that profit growth has been relatively muted since collapsing in 2020, and industry profit (before interest and taxes) is expected to slide to 5.7% in 2023. Mobile phone repair industry has contended with declining cell phone prices and yearly upgrade plans, both of which have contributed to a decrease in demand for cell phone repair services. Now, let’s explore the situation in other major markets. Specifically, on iPhone repair, is it experiencing a rise or fall ?

Top Global iPhone Market

Comprehensive industry trends reports are essential for focused market study, while gaining an overall understanding about global industry tendencies is equally crucial for iPhone aftermarket screen/battery manufacturers. Keep track of both specific market dynamics and broader industry trends, stay competitive in the ever-evolving iPhone repair market, both remind us all the time.

Country/Market Population Smartphone Penetration iPhone Users
China 1.43B 68.40% 341.56M
United States 338.29M 81.60% 164.63M
Japan 123.95M 78.60% 67.88M
Russia 144.71M 73.60% 33.81M
United Kingdom 67.51M 82.20% 30.27M
Brazil 215.31M 66.60% 29.63M
Germany 83.37M 81.90% 28.03M
India 1.42B 46.50% 27.53M
Indonesia 275.50M 68.10% 24.46M
France 64.63M 82.60% 20.23M
Vietnam 98.19M 66.70% 20.12M
Thailand 71.70M 73.40% 18.51M
Canada 39.92M 72.10% 18.06M
Mexico 127.50M 61.50% 17.73M
Italy 58.82M 75.90% 14.35M
Turkey 85.34M 75% 13.30M
Australia 26.49M 77% 12.43M
Nigeria 218.54M 38.10% 12.33M
Egypt 110.99M 64.20% 10.47M
Philippines 115.56M 60.30% 8.54M
Spain 47.62M 74.30% 8.08M
Netherlands 17.87M 79.30% 6.28M
Iran 88.55M 74.40% 4.95M
Belgium 11.75M 80% 4.73M

Source: Statcounter updated by 2023

iPhone Repair Industry Google Search Trends

Well, we now have clearer understanding of the top global iPhone markets there. What kinds of interests that users in each market may have when it comes to iPhone repair, iPhone refurbished models, or iPhone replacement? Let’s observe or monitor to explore these interests on a country-by-country basis.

Translation: sửa chữa Iphone (iPhone repair), sửa điện thoại (phone repair), iPhone cũ (used iPhone), iPhone đã qua sử dụng (second hand iPhone), pin iPhone (iPhone battery), ip cũ (used iPhone)

Stable search trend of the Vietnamese iPhone repair market from 2017 to 2024

Translation: ซ่อมโทรศัพท์ (phone repair), ซ่อมไอโฟน (iPhone repair), ไอโฟนมือสอง (second hand iPhone), ไอโฟนมือ2 (2nd hand iPhone), iPhone มือสอง (used iPhone)

Thailand iPhone repair market search trends 2017–2024

Translation: telefon tamiri (phone repair), iPhone tamiri (iPhone repair), yenilenmiş iphone (refurbished iPhone),  ikinci el iphone (second hand iPhone), iPhone pili (iPhone battery)

Turkey search trend 2021–2024 of Apple iPhone repair market

Translation: تصليح الايفون (iPhone repair), ايفون مستعمل (used iPhone), صيانة موبايل (phone repair)

Egyptian search trends for the 2017–2024 of Apple iPhone repair market

Translation: تعمیر آیفون (iPhone repair), تعویض آیفون (iPhone replacement), آیفون دست دوم (second hand iPhone), باتری آیفون (iPhone battery), تعمیرات موبایل (phone repair)

Iran search trend for the 2017–2024 of Apple iPhone replacement market

Data Source: Google Trends

Judging from these search interest trend data, iPhone repair demand goes globally slightly weaker. iPhone repair industry competition will go higher within matured markets, say China, United States, Germany and the like. Refurbished iPhone search interest is globally going higher, which brings used/broken iPhone buyback long term increase. With contention from other smartphone brands’ low prices, it urges third-party parts manufacturers to develop the high-end iPhone replacement screens.

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