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The Official Original iPhone Battery VS the Aftermarket Battery, Which One Do you prefer?

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Author : Benleytech
Update time : 2022-02-22 10:18:09

As we know, the official original iPhone accessories and Parts are always very expensive although the quality is of course better.

While Apple treats the Parts and Accessories and even the whole iPhone are easily worn goods, to push people to rebuy the products continuously.

The batteries’ life often reduces quickly after 1- or 2-years’ daily use, and most of users will choose to change the battery.

The vital questions now is, Original Battery or Aftermarket Third Party Battery, which is the best choice?


Below is a comparison from for your reference.

1.    The official original iPhone Battery is more expensive, but sure better quality. It’s good choice for people who don’t care with this batch of money.

2.    The replacement process is complicated and you have to follow with Apple’s process, often you have to call Apple firstly, and ship the iPhone to them, and then they will arrange a series of official tests and do the battery replacement if your iPhone could meet all the conditions. You have to at least wait for several days before you could get your iPhone. If you don’t want to wait so long, you many have to choose a third party’s Aftermarket Battery, because the third-party repair shop could do the battery replacement for you in 20minutes.


3.    With the development of China’s Battery Technology, China’s Aftermarket Batteries’ quality is very stable too, and there are a lot of options for you according to you budget. Aftermarket iPhone Battery with Original TI IC, pure cobalt Battery for iPhone, etc. Original TI IC is the best and Apple uses TI IC too, the second is pure cobalt battery, etc. But we don’t recommend you to use too cheap battery, it’s sure that unbelievable
unreasonable price means not good quality.



Hope our article will help you to understand better about the iPhone Battery, and welcome to leave your comments to us.

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