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Can only Apple Inc fix your iPhone 13 and 13 Pro?

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Author : Benleytech
Update time : 2021-09-29 10:15:11
iPhone 13 and 13 Pro have started the delivery for almost 1 week, you guys may have received your new iPhone. What a happy thing! I do hope the love between you and your iPhone 13 could last as long as possible. However, I have a pity fact want to share with you about your iPhone 13.
According to the latest actual detection, iPhone 13 and 13 Pro’s repair cost will be a bit higher. Trouble will come if someone accidentally breaks the iPhone 13’s screen, because this screen may only be repaired by Apple.

Part 1

LCD’s replacement will be an issue.

A blogger who is a Phone Repair Technician claims that Face ID won’t work if changing original iPhone 13’s LCD to the third-party’s LCD.
At the same time, Face ID stops working even switch the original LCD panels between two original iPhone 13. Lol OMG.

Part 2

Do you still remember “Apple Warning”?

Many iPhone customers may still remember “Apple Warning that Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple Display” when you changed your iPhone LCD Panels from the third-party. And “Apple Warning” keeps expanding from LCD, Battery Replacement, Cameras, etc these years, to nowadays Face ID’s disappearing directly. You may call it “Apple Action” but not “Apple Warning” any more.

Part 3

Phone Repair Business.

Honesty speaking, Apple has various reasons to discourage users from choosing the third-party’s after-sales services. But we believe end-users should have the right to choose where to repair their iPhones but not only Apple Service.
How do you think about that? To spend big amount money to get the best quality, or you want more choices?  

Welcome to leave comments below. Your voices are worthy to be heard.

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